Friday, November 27, 2015

T-Minus 4 Days

O Campo!!!

This is it people!!! I leave in T-minus 4 days for the actual São
Paulo Sul Mission!!! I feel pretty ready to leave the CTM but not
exactly ready to teach real life people, but I'm super excited (and a
little nervy) nonetheless! Since our district is leaving soon, last
Sunday a bunch of us got picked to give surprise talks (in Portuguese
of course) during sacrament meeting. Since I have zero luck in
anything, I knew that I would get picked, but I had come prepared and
wasn't nervous to do it. That is until the President of the CTM walked
in and sat down in the front of the room right beside the pulpit. I was
of course called up very first to give my talk on the power of prayer,
and so I got up and did my best and felt reasonably happy with the
outcome. When I sat back down, I glanced over at Presidente Swenson and
he gave me a thumbs up and a big smile. After the meeting finished,
President Swenson (followed by each member of the branch presidency)
came over and shook my hand and told me how good my Portuguese was and
that I had nothing to worry about. I'm very aware that I'm still a ways
off from fluent, but it was still really nice to hear. Also, we had a
super awesome Thanksgiving lunch and a special devotional on Thursday,
and my district all sat together and went around the table and said
nice things about each other. It was nice to have my Brazilian
family with me when I couldn't be with my real one. I'm grateful for the
opportunity I have to be in São Paulo and for the many MANY things Ive
been blessed with in my life. I love you all and Im so grateful to
have each of you in my life! I'm sure this week will be a whirlwind, but
I cant wait to fill you in on it next week! - Looovvveee, Sister

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