Monday, December 14, 2015

Uphill Both Ways

Uphill Both Ways

This week´s issue of "Guy on a Motorcycle" features: a guy eating corn
on the cob, a guy carrying a car tire, and a guy holding a small child
in one arm!

To give you an idea of how this week went for me, let me share with
you all a little anecdote. It´s been a drizzly week, but one day there
was just a downpour that came out of nowhere; and Sister Moura and I got
caught in it and were soaked and were literally running down the street
trying to get home (Brazilians don't use sidewalks because the sidewalks are
poop and also covered in it, literally). As we´re running across
the road Sister Moura slipped on a dead rat and almost went careening
into traffic. So that´s about how my week was.

I've learned a lot about our tiny area here in Eldorado. The members
here are so awesome and charitable and are wiling to give you
everything they have. For instance, this week we visited a Sister that
sells Avon and lingerie for middle aged women. Guess which of those
things she gave us as a Christmas present? I'll give you a hint, it
wasn't makeup.

I also learned that our area is basically just a handful of residential
streets and some favelas, and we have one side of the main street to do
contacts on; and almost no one that actually wants to hear about Christ
is in our area, and we have to pass them off to other missionaries. It
is pretty discouraging, but this week I had a little revelation. God
wants all of us to have the gospel in our lives so that we can live
with Him again; as a representative of Christ its my job to invite
everyone that I can to come unto Christ. That means overcoming my fear
of talking to weird people on the street, and to do my best to love
them, and to ask them if they'd like to know a little more about the
Savior. I know that through prayer and faith and hope that I really
can overcome any obstacle that I face.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Sister Curtis

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