Monday, March 14, 2016

It was a sick week, bro

"It was a sick week, bro"

This week I caught a bad cold and had to stay home for a day or two and it was the worst (staying home, not the cold). But, we had a conference with President Broadbent and the nearby zones, and he taught us how to shoot down and work around pretty much any excuse that people try to give us and it was awesome, because people are always trying to give us lame excuses as to why they cant meet with us or go to church or be baptized when they already committed to a date. Also, sometimes I´ll be talking with someone completely normally and as soon as I ask if we can share a message with them they magically lose the ability to understand me and are all, "what? what? sorry I cant understand your accent, I have to go now, bye",  which is kinda funny but also really annoying, but tudo bem.

Here are some other thoughts/occurrences by Sister Curtis from this week:
- Sometimes I´m like, "What the heck, why is it raining so much??" Then a still small voice whispers to me, "What are you stupid, you literally live in the rainforest."
- When it rains a lot in São Paulo the sewer systems cant handle it and rain/sewage water explodes out of the holes in the man hole covers and it fills the streets, and then cars drive by and splash us with it. It´s the best :-)
- We were walking through the middle of town the other day, and a guy riding a horse just casually passed us on the sidewalk like it was no big deal.
-We got locked out of our apartment the other day while I was sick and the light in the hallway works with a motion detector, so we sat on the ground, eating bologna sandwiches, waving my umbrella in the air every 3 minutes for 2 hours while my district leader read us talks from the Liahona over the phone.

Love you all and hope to have some more exciting news from Brazil for you next week!

-Sister Curtis

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  1. That still, small voice - it's really something, isn't it?! LOL!! - Sister Slauson