Monday, June 20, 2016

Missão: Ribeirão Pires

Missão: Ribeirão Pires

Another transfer may have come and gone but I have remained yet again, hahaha. This week we taught someone and I asked her how long she had lived here and she was like, "We moved here 4 months ago." and I was like, "I got here 6 months ago." You know you've been in an area too long when you've lived there longer than the actual residents, lol. But jokes aside, I'm very excited to be here and finish Sister Paz´s training in what will probably be my last transfer in RP. I'm dedicating these next 6 weeks to working as hard as possible to help these people that I love. in this city that I love, feel the hope and joy and peace that the gospel brings into each of our lives.

While the transfer wasn't a huge surprise, the fact that I'll be a Sister Training Leader this transfer was a shock! I'll have 8 months in the mission this week, and mix that plus training plus STL and I'm really not gonna know what I'm doing hahaha. Even though I don´t know what I´m doing half the time, I know that the Lord knows exactly what He´s doing, and that as long as we're obedient and following the Spirit, tudo vai dar certo! (aka everything will work out!)

Here's a fun memory to sign off with: Last night we were talking to a lady and she casually told us how one time she went 8 months without bathing or brushing her teeth or hair. It made me feel a lot better about using dry shampoo every other day.

Love you lots and hope you all have a great week!!

-Sister Curtis

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