Monday, December 12, 2016

Birthday Surprises!!

Birthday Surprises!!

Well this week was pretty neat if I do say so myself. There were ups and downs and several extreme downpours and some really weird, funny, and spiritual experiences, including:

- While we were knocking doors one day, we rang the doorbell of someone's house. As a little old lady opened the door to attend us, an old man crossed the street and asked where we were from and if we had an invitation for him. As Sister Rasera talked to the lady, I talked to the man and then another 3rd woman showed up with an arm full of flowers and without saying a word began distributing the flowers to all present, and then the old man left and the flower lady just stood by me and Rasera and listened as we talked to the old lady and she gave an occasional "Amen" and "That's true" and then wandered off on her own without saying another word.
- Soon thereafter, we rang another doorbell and yet another little old lady came out to greet us and I asked her if she had a couple minutes to talk with us and while Sister Rasera said she heard her say that she was making dinner for her husband, I definitely heard her say that she messing around with her husband and I was like "well okay then, we'll leave ya to it!"
- Went to my first ward Christmas dinner with karaoke and rave lights! #VivaBrasil
- Sunday was a very special day for 2 reasons: 1. SISTER RASERA TURNED 20!!!! 2. Brasil had a special broadcast from Salt Lake with Elder Holland and several other general authorities and it was incredible. One of the reasons that it was so incredible was because Sister Cordon was talking about the importance of sowing good seeds if you want to reap good rewards, and she began to share a story -familiar to me- of the conversion of the Father of a family in Curitiba, and I looked at Sister Rasera and we both began crying because it was the story of her family and wow talk about a spiritual experience.

Emfim (finally), it was an interesting and satisfying week here in Saúde, and we're very excited to be preparing 2 people for baptism in these next two weeks. What better gift can we give the Lord for Christmas than our hearts, amiright??

Love ya'll lots and have a great week!!!

-Sister Curtis

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