Monday, February 13, 2017

Golden Eye

Golden Eye,

What a week!! As you all already know, I'm not one to wait to share good news so... MELISSA WAS BAPTIZED!!! WOO HOO!!! Like just about every baptism, everything went super wrong until the very last minute when everything went right (we got locked in the chapel for 2 hours, nobody showed up on time, there weren't any jumpsuits and nobody had keys to the closets, ya know the usual...). But it was such a wonderful spiritual experience, and I know that Melissa is going to continue to be a shining example for her family as she continues to keep the covenants that she's made with our Heavenly Father.

That being said, I've realized that I haven't updated you guys on all the hilarious/ weird stuff that's happened to us in a while so let's take care of that.
-While still in Saúde we received a referral for a man called Jesus (thats not a normal name here either) and he called us and said that he was very anxious to hear the message we had to share with him so we marked to meet with him in the chapel. When he got out of his car with a tiny sniveling half dead dog in his arm and ceremoniously removed his sunglasses in front of us, I already had a good idea of how our meeting was gonna go. He walked in and stopped and looked at us and said "What if I said that my name is Jesus?" and I shrugged my shoulders and said "That's fine, it's your name."
"And what if I said after being baptized they called me Jesus of Nazareth?!"
"...well you can´t help what people call you."
 "...and what if I said that I AM THAT JESUS?!?!"
"Well I'm gonna have to stop you right there" I thought he was gonna get struck down right there in front of me after trying to convince us that he was Jesus for an hour, but finally an irmão showed up and they almost got in a fight and then we left and went to lunch :-)

-This week we were knocking doors in a neighborhood and heard a weird noise and we turned to look snd see what it was and there was a man with a horse in the middle of the street! I went running after him and asked for a photo and as I was petting the horse, the man said "she's beautiful, huh" and I thought he was talking about the horse and I agreed, but when I looked he was looking at Sister Wright ahahahahaha and he said "you have a boyfriend because I'm looking for a girlfriend" and I said "But you already have a horse!" And he replied, "but a little cat would be better ..." (in Brasil calling somebody a cat is like calling them hot) and I died laughing, I could not contain myself kkkkkkkk especially the expression of horror on Sister Wright's face when I explained what he said later.

- A lady talking to us on the street "yeah God is in everything, especially in nature. I like to talk to the trees because of that. The other day I was talking to a tree like usual and the tree talked backed!!!" okay...

- Yesterday we heard somebody calling our names and we looked around but we didn't see anybody, and they said, "Up here!" and there was a man camped out with all of his stuff in a tree, and we had a lesson with him in his tree. Nbd. (Maybe his was the tree that talked back to the other lady...)

- There´s a little girl that lives in our building and always tries to break into our apartment bc she loves us.

Yeah there's never a dull moment here in Brazil, gotta love it (and I do.)

Lots of  love,
Sister Curtis

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