Friday, October 30, 2015


October 21, 2015

MOM!!!! I MADE IT!!!!! Yeah I got super lucky and there were 14 other

missionaries  (5 sisters) at Atlanta and it made it alot more fun and
much much less worrisome. I basically just followed everyone else and
nothing went wrong at all. As soon as I walked into the Memphis
airport they started playing this random gospel song about following
Jesus and doing what He wants and I almost started crying lol. Also, I
joked about having to drag my duffle bag through the airport, and as I
was walking to the gate the strap on my bag literally snapped; and I
just stood there and laughed. Luckily it didnçt break and I snapped it
back on, but I thought it was funny. The flight was very very long and
I slept a couple hours so it wasn´t terrible. I also sat next to a
really nice Brazilian farmer who spoke English and it made me super
excited to be in Brazil (he also was not bad on the eyes and I was
like, well dang,if this is what the farmers look like I´m in trouble!
Chiste, chiste ;) Sao Paulo looks like a mixture of Miami and Hawaii
from what I´ve seen so far, and even though it´s humid and in the 90´s,
theres a breeze and it doesn´t feel that bad. The CTM is starting us
out strong though, there´s no air conditioning and although there are
5 random knobs all over our shower wall (???) none of them seem to
produce warm water, so that´s really cool (badumm tsss). I saw Jaxson
as soon as I got here though so that was cool. They also gave us a
breakfast of ham and cheese sandwiches which were super good and this
weird warm soup that looked like white cheese fondue but smelled
and tasted like captain crunch cereal milk. I could really get behind
it if it wasn´t warm. My companion is Sister Hansen and she was in my
mission prep class at BYU (and she low key looks just like Bethany). I
can´t send pics while I´m in the CTM so you´ll never know that I
didn´t even make it to lunch on my first day before putting my hair in
a ponytail lol oops. I don't have much time because this was just supposed
to be me letting you know I´m safe and sound and I think my first real
p-day will be next Friday, so talk to you then! I love you soo much and
can´t wait to tell you all about life here in Sao Paulo!! (also tell Bethany her 
letter was the best and I would've cried if I hadn't already been emotionally 
drained) .

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