Friday, October 30, 2015


October 30, 2015

MOOMMM!!!! I LIVE IN BRAZIL NOW!!! (I'll include you in an email with
my whole mailing list and you can just edit this email as you see fit
and send it to them; also yes you can post the other email). I opened
my inbox to 32 new emails, so please tell everyone I'm sorry for not being
able to respond to everyone this week, but you´re my number one so
sorry, not sorry. Also sorry for the crazy typos; the keyboards are
different than American ones and I don't have enough time to correct
everything. Yes, I met Elder Smartt on the way here and he´s in our
sister district, so we've talked about our families and stuff. I wanna
send you pictures but the CTM is dumb and we´re not allowed to, so
you´ll get them eventually. Yes, I´m called Sister Curtis and not Irma
(so people don´t get us confused with Catholic nuns who are called
Irma in Brazil). Yes, everything went well with my travels and the big
group of 15 missionaries helped. My district is 42-A Ing. and our
mailbox number is 399 (I don't know how you address that) and it has 6 people
 (2 other sets of Elders and us) and 5 of us are going to Sao Paulo South.
All the Elders are little baby children except one (they just
graduated). My companheira looks just like Bethany, her name is SIster
Hansen, she never stops talking, but we get along okay. We have a lot of
miscommunications but we´re working on it. So far the training here has been
intense, like I N T EN S E. Every day we study Portuguese and prepare lessons
 for about 9 hours with intermittent breaks to teach practice investigators, have
devotionals, and do service and stuff like that. Also they feed us like crazy. I don´t
know what I"m eating most of the time but it"s always good, probably too good.
At the rate I´m going I may be thefirst human to gain 50 pounds in 2 weeks time, but 
it´s all worth it. I came to the CTM not speaking a word of Portuguese, and now at the
week and a half mark, I don´t need the English translation for the
devotionals, and we've taught like 15 lessons. I´m definitely FAR FAR
from being fluent or even pretty good, but I've learned so much in such
a short amount of time that it´s crazy. Don´t worry about my safety
here by the way because the whole building is gated, guarded and barb-wired, lol.
My main teacher Irmao Mello is one of the most incredible, funny,
spiritual people I've ever met in my whole life and we have a lot of
good laughs and cries in class and in the lessons we teach. The very
first Sunday we were here Sister Hansen got assigned to be the sister
training leader, and another set of our elders are our new zone leaders;
so now our whole district has to go to all the extra meetings on
Sunday, which is kind of a drag, but they´re not too bad. There´s no AC
in the bedrooms and cafeteria and like half of the CTM, but we do have
it in the class rooms where we spend most of our our time; but
honestly it´s not that bad. And just as I was getting used to taking
cold showers every day, we got our room moved so now we´re in the
communal showers, which has it´s ups and downs. Last night our service
was to fold sheets in the laundry room and it reminded me of you haha,
so that was nice :) We went to the temple today too and it was
probably the best temple experience ever. I love you
so much and hope you have a great week. I really hope I get your
letters this week that would be the best!!!
Sister Curtis

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