Monday, February 22, 2016

Ribeirão Pires: Round 2!!!

Ribeirão Pires: Round 2!!!

We had transfers yesterday night and I'm staying here with Sister Bennallack (and pretty much the rest of my entire zone) for another transfer!!! WOO HOO!!! I can't say that I'm super surprised because we were all new here, and Sister B. and I have been pestering President Broadbent about staying here together for like the last 3 weeks. I got a little nervous because all our Elders and Zone Leaders kept saying that I was gonna train as soon as I finished my own trainamento (aka the first 2 transfers in the field), but thankfully Papai Broadbent came in clutch yet again.

Summer has officially ended here in Brazil and that means that it´s still gonna be hot but with more rain and less daylight hours. Awesome. The good news is that we get to continue teaching all of our investigators even though most of them are currently out of our ward boundaries. One of them is Angelica and she is incredible! We've been teaching her in the home of a member lately, and we were walking over to the Irmã´s house with her the other day, and she was telling us how her arms were hurting and how her extremities just hurt sometimes for no reason and it was really hard for her. After we arrived and taught about the Restoration we asked her how she felt, and she said she felt so light and that she didn't know why, but that her arms had stopped hurting. And I was like Umm I KNOW WHYYY!! #EspiritoSanto. (Except not exactly in those words). And she´s also already gone to church twice and loved it even though it´s really far and complicated now because she has to go to the stake center! I'm so excited to keep teaching her and get her down into those águas de batismo!

Love you guys lots and keep on keeping on!

Sister Curtis

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