Monday, February 22, 2016

Vegemite Toast

February 15, 2016

Vegemite Toast

This week was the weirdest week of my mission thus far, hands down.  It was also a Jeremiah 4:19 kinda week for our entire household. Here´s a story that illustrates why: We had a lunch appointment yesterday and ate until rice and beans were coming out of our noses. Then the irmã asked us if we wanted ice cream, and when the irmãs here ask if you want dessert they don't actually care if you want it or not, you´re gonna eat what they give you. So we plowed through a bowl of ice cream, and just when I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, she pulled out a cake from the fridge and plopped a plateful in front of us, watching expectantly as we force fed ourselves what we were given. It´s a hard-knock life being a missionary in Brazil.

Also our ward has been merged with the ward of the other Sisters here, pretty much out of nowhere, and the area where we work the most and have 6 investigators is now in the stake center in the next city over. For now we will continue working there but I don't know what´s to come. I´m gonna be bummed beyond belief if we have to hand them all over to the Elders after transfers next week.

Also I tried vegemite this week and it´s surprisingly delicious, thanks Sister B.!

Love you guys lots and guarda a fé!!

Sister Curtis

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