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(One thing you need to know about Kenzie that will make this post even more interesting is that she really loves avocados. She practically lived on them her Freshman year at BYU).

This week was super fast and we worked super hard, and it was like a million degrees every day, but it was a good one. First, here are some spiritual missionary highlights of the week:
- Guilherme was baptized, woo hoo!!! We met him a few weeks ago on splits because he just showed up at church and was like,  "I'm here, teach me", so all of us sisters taught him together these past two weeks, and he was literally a gift from the heavens because he's perfect and didn't have a single problem that he needed to work on and yeah, it was a huge miracle.
- We started teaching Jonny this week who´s been attending church for 5 months and is ready and willing to be baptized. He shared his testimony with us this week during our lesson and at the end of it he said, "Thank you for teaching me about Joseph Smith. I knew a little about him but not the whole story, and wow I'm so glad I finally got to hear about it all. I know this church is true and I want to be baptized and belong to this church."  Wowowow, how awesome is that!!!! It's a little complicated with the ward boundaries, but we're gonna work everything out get him down in the water asap :) 

Second, I've been skimping on the awkward/funny/weird stuff that happens on the regular so here is a compilation of Ribeirão´s Greatest Hits:
- There´s this old guy called João that sells candy in the bus station at night, and he only has one tooth located exactly in the middle of his head, and he loves us and sometimes gives us free chocolate (not as creepy as it sounds).
- Last week Sister Bennallack had to use the bathroom really bad but we were in the middle of the mato (aka jungle) and she couldn't wait, so she just went a little ways off the road in the trees and did what she had to do. 
- Also Sister B. has some sandals that she loves but have been falling apart for months, and the strap broke off while we were super far from home and so we bought some 5 cent gum and chewed until we got the flavor out and then stuck the strap back onto the shoe, and it totally worked!! (for like an hour lol) 
- As missionaries we have to be able to know which people could be compatible together for lessons. or who would make good friends in order for our investigators to feel more comfortable in church. But we've started using our powers in a different way and are now infamous in our ward for match-making. For instance, recent convert Clovis has gone to family home evenings in the houses of many different single sisters with us these past few months, and with a little luck I´ll get to attend a wedding before my time is up here in Brasil ;) 
-You know you spend too much time with someone when you literally don't know who is who anymore and totally forget your own name and introduce yourself as Sister Bennallack on accident, oops.
-Yesterday we were walking up this huge hill and I was just about to complain when I saw something on the ground out of the corner of my eye. I picked it up and it was an avocado!! I looked around and like 5 feet away was another one, and there wasn't a tree or anything just 2 perfectly good avocados in the road, and I know what your gonna say, "Sister Curtis, please tell me you didn't leave such a benevolent gift from the heavens lying in the street like that?" Well don't you worry because I totally just gave a gloria for the manna we received, plopped it in my bag, and kept on walking. Miracles are real friends. 

love you all lots and have a great week!

Sister Curtis

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