Monday, January 11, 2016

Tchau Gente!!

Tchau Gente!!

Well the results are in and.... I'M OPENING A NEW AREA IN REBEIRÃO
PIRES!! That means bye-bye Eldorado. I´m excited and sad and nervous
to leave, but I know it´s where I need to go, so I´m happy for the

Story time: So the secretaries in the mission office forgot to pay our
electricity bill and our power got cut, so we spent the night in the
house of the other sister missionaries in our zone. They have this
super jank shower, and as I was trying to turn it off, I accidentally
broke the knob off. Water started blasting out of the wall, and let
me tell you "naked and afraid" is more than a funny phrase; it is a
very real and very specific emotion ( 0/10, do not recommend).

We had been fasting that day too, and it was the hottest day yet.
Frankly, I have never been so tempted to break a fast in my life, and
thing after thing went wrong that day and the next, but I persevered
and the Lord more than came through for us. With just a few days
before transfers, and after a month and a half of basically no
progressing investigators, we found people almost every day this week
who are ready and willing to be baptized, and our contacts went through
the roof!

My time here in Eldorado has been a bunch of little lessons wrapped up
in one big lesson: The Lord truly does have a plan that He will help
us help Him fulfill in His own time. We have to be patient and work
diligently and obediently and have a lot of faith and love, but
there´s always someone that is ready and waiting to hear the gospel. I
have felt the Lord´s hand in this work, and I have been magnified far
beyond my own abilities. I know that as we pray and seek guidance in
humility, being willing to change and do what God would have us do,
that we will become instruments in His hands. I love you all and hope
your week is muito legal!

- Sister Curtis :)

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