Monday, September 12, 2016

We Make Great Happen

We Make Great Happen

This week was super hectic and we basically spent the past 6 days running around like chickens with our heads cut off, but in a good way! So on Tuesday, we had yet another wonderful lesson with Aiêny about temples and how we have the opportunity there to make our families eternal and how we do vicarious work for our ancestors who never had the opportunity to be baptized or be married in the temple, so that they can be with their families forever too, and she got SO excited to be able to go and give that chance to other people!!

That night, when we were already super happy, we took her to an activity at the church where Fanny, the mom of one of our investigators, was waiting for us and basically jumped on us when we entered the room and told us that after 6 months Natasha had finally received the confirmation that she had been looking for and was ready to be baptized as soon as possible!!!! Talk about good news!!!!

So we spent the rest of the week running around and trying to get everything and everyone ready for Aiêny´s baptism on Sunday and Natasha´s this coming Saturday, and it was uma loucura! Lots of very last second running around and little miracles but with some divine intervention, everything worked out! As we were in the sacrament meeting before the baptism, the Bishop talked about how there are so many people just waiting for us to knock on their door and invite them to know more, and Aiêny leaned over, eyes shining, and whispered, "It was like that with me, huh?" And it totally was!!

I"m so so so so so so so so grateful to be serving as a representative of Jesus Christ, to have the privilege to find and invite these people who are literally ready and waiting to accept the gospel into their lives! Seeing the joy and difference that the gospel makes in my life and the lives of all these people that I love is the greatest blessing I've had the privilege of participating in in my life!! I love you all so much and hope your week is fabulous!

-Sister Curtis

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