Monday, September 19, 2016

Do You Smell That?

"Do You Smell That?"

"Sister, are you smelling that?"
"Smells like... BAPTISM!"

It was a weird week because we had a ton of meetings, and I had to go renew my visa so they don't kick me out of the country and stuff, but there was some very excellent very rad stuff that happened that I don't have time to talk all about today, BUT this week we had the privilege of participating in something very very special: Natasha´s baptism!!! I just want you all to know how grateful I am to have the opportunity to help other people be with their families forever and ever.
There's nothing more lovely and wonderful than seeing people that you love and receiving some of the most marvelous and endless blessings that the Lord has to offer us. I'm so so so grateful for Natasha and her mom, Fanny and their family and for the immense love that they have for each other and for the Lord!

Love you all lots and lots and hope that you hug your mom or dad or sibling or whoever today!!

Sister Curtis

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