Monday, November 14, 2016

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Well this week we went for a loop with the weather but the work was good!

I'm learning a lot about the importance of service!! After our lesson last week and the promise of helping him so that he could go to church, Oswaldo came to church with us on Sunday and made lots of friends and is super excited about the service project and getting to know everyone. He even found the church's youtube Channel and watched the Restoration all by himself. When we challenged him to stop drinking coffee this week he told us "I know I can't drink coffee, but that's all I have to do right? I"ll just go ahead and stop, it'll be easy. "Woo hoo!!! Oswaldo!!!

We also found Amanda, a young mother of a special needs son, Pedro. She let us in a little reluctantly because she told us she was going to have her family over for Pedro's 2nd birthday and still had to do everything by herself because she had been taking care of her son. We told her how she has a very special family and that Heavenly Father loves them and doesn't ever give us burdens greater than we are able to bear. We then offered to help her clean the house and prepare the next day's food, and we taught her about 3 lessons in one as we all worked together (and I totally fell in love with Pedro, he´s the most adorable thing I've ever seen, I didn't even feel it when he ran over my toes with his little wheelchair because I was so enamored).

It's so important that we serve those around us. It's an extraordinary way to show our love for our irmãos and irmãs and show our love for them and our Heavenly Father. When we serve, we show people that they can trust us and that we genuinely care for their well-being, physically and spiritually.

Love y'all lots, now get out there and serve!!!

-Sister Curtis

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