Monday, November 7, 2016




But don´t worry, I´m not gonna start my countdown at least until Thanksgiving...

So along with the commencement of the most wonderful time of the year, we had a wonderful week here at headquarters! We heard some super imaginative excuses as to why people couldn't talk to us ("Can we offer you an invitation?" "No, I'm cold."), we passed by a 90 year old man´s house and he was outside with nothing but a t-shirt and a bucket covering up the most important bits (don't worry, he's a member hahaha), and i found out that melatonin is contraband in a country that sells energy drinks by the 2 liter. Radical!!!

Okay but back to the good stuff. So there were two experiences that were especially memorable for me this week. The first of which was our weekly dinner and lesson with Marcos! Sister Rasera and I were thinking okay, the time has come, what can we do to help put him on the right track to finding his own testimony. And inspiration struck in the form of the Book of Mormon.

We watched a mormon message about the story of the BOM and it invited the spirit so strongly that I immediately began to tear up as I thought about the precious hours we have every morning to study the scriptures and how much that they mean to me. Sister Rasera and I testified about how the Book of Mormon has blessed and shaped our lives and can do the same for Marcos if he gave it a chance. I think he was a little taken back by how emotional we were but it really touched him as we gave him a copy and told him that this was a gift very dear to our hearts that we were giving him, and he told us that it meant a lot to him and that he was very genuinely curious and was going to read it for sure. Woo hoo!!!!

We also had a great talk with Oswaldo on Saturday and he was all excited to go to church on Sunday and even with his disability he said that he didn't need a ride that he would just walk and get there just fine, and then Sunday morning came and he called us right at 9... Well Oswaldo's wife uses a wheelchair and the ramp to the house is super terrible and she can´t leave easily. His only day off is Sunday and his friend had marked to come over and help him fix it Sunday morning, so he couldn't go to church. Well, we weren't about to let that stop us!!

Sunday afternoon, we left with an irmão to go solve some problems and teach some eleitos. When we left to go to Oswaldo´s house it had start drizzling and by the time we were halfway there the water was up to our shins in the streets, and Sister Rasera and I were dying laughing as we trudged right through and the irmão was trying to keep his sneakers dry before he finally gave up. So we finally got there and we told Oswaldo not to worry because we were gonna call up the members of the ward and finish the whole project so that they could go to church worry free, and our dear gentle giant started to cry too (then his wife laughed at him and called him a crybaby lol).

Moral of the stories is, we're all brothers and sisters here! We have so many wonderful blessings in our lives, be it spiritual, physical, mental, and we need to use these gifts and talents and knowledge to bless the lives of those around us. That's why we're all here, to help Heavenly Father help His children. This work is sacred and it´s for each and every one of us. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity each and every day to wake up and serve the Lord and my brothers and sisters, and will strive to continue to wake up with this vision and goal every day of my life.

Love you lots and hope y'all have a great week and help someone else have a great week as well!!

- Sister Curtis

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