Monday, August 15, 2016

House Hunters International

I'm always saying how your whole life really is a preparation for the mission, and this week my life preparation was in the form of all the late night HGTV I watched with mom through the years, because the secretaries called us this week and were basically like, "Hey, Presidente hates your mini-house so you guys need to find a new place to live ASAP.  Good luck!" So me and Sister Newell played house hunters international this week and scoped out and toured some houses and pretended like we're actual adults who know what we´re doing in life (mentiras). 

Here's some other weird stuff that happened this week: 
- One day, everywhere we went people offered us food, and rejecting someone´s food in Brazil is the same as saying, "hey I actually hate you". So we ate all day and we arrived at our last appointment of the day and they had made even more food, and I thought I was gonna be sick (even though it was really good and I tried my best), so when they turned their back I shoved half a chicken breast in my bag and continued on like nothing had happened, and no one suspected a thing (ps- it wasn't the first time I've used this tactic)
- Met a man named Elbo.
- We received 3 kilos of frozen potatoes and a bottle of mustard and then we had to literally run home, because it was curfew, with this huge bag of batatas and it was pretty hilarious.
- Visited 79 year old recent convert Osvaldo who I love so much I can't express it properly. He's one of the funniest most adorable people I've ever met, and this week he was like, "Hey remember how the part where the batteries go wasn't staying shut in my camera? Well Teresa bought some glue this week, so I just glued them in there and for some reason now it´s not working!"

Okay well that's my news and happenings for the week, I love you guys and hope your week is just fabulous! 

-Sister Curtis 

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