Monday, August 22, 2016

Saúde's Believe It Or Not

Saúde's Believe It Or Not

Well this week was yet another one of the weirdest, most hilarious but also inspirational weeks of my life :) Let´s talk about that!

So we started the week off super strong knocking doors in the furthest part of our area. It was going well and we were meeting some cool people right up until we rang the doorbell of a little old lady that looked like she would be super cute...right up until the moment she opened her mouth. The moral of the story is that you really can't judge a book by it's cover because she actually turned out to be like a tiny wrinkled Voldemort or something and just talked about how we were stupid for believing in God, and how she hates everyone who lives in the favela, and asked us very sweetly to stop being missionaries. So as you can imagine that went over well.

As Sister Newell and I were walking to the next part of the neighborhood we were going to knock, we just got so sad for that woman who was so bitter and unhappy because she didn't want to accept the love that God has for her.  S. Newell went, "Ya know what I need, someone who wants to hear what we have to say." Literally 30 seconds afterwards, a woman answered the door for us and as we started to share with her about how she´s a daughter of a Heavenly Father that loves her, she began to cry and told us she knew that God had sent us to her to tell her that and yeah, talk about immediate answers to prayers!!!

We also had zone conference which was incredible, followed by the weirdest day ever in which we:
- visited our golden investigator and bff Aieny. I've never met someone so wonderful and prepared to receive the gospel (seriously though this week I told Sis. Newell I'm gonna start calling her Josefa Smith) and she's as excited as we are about her baptism next week!! (WooHoo!!!)
-visited Osvaldo who went on a hunt for all of the sunglasses in his house so that we could try them all on, and he got so excited as he was talking to us that his teeth kept falling out, and I almost had a cardiac infarction trying not to laugh,
-then he took us (barefoot) to meet his neighbors who told us that they were our new parents and force fed us pizza bread and doce de leite, and then as we were leaving they leaned in real close and half whispered, "Seriously though, if you ever need help with anything, including financially, you just come talk to us." Yep.
 -We continued our hunt for the best churros in São Paulo, and I think we found them in a churro truck on a random avenue we took one day, like I know I'm telling you all that these are the best churros that exist, but I also know that you´re not understanding the magnitude of the situation. Suffice it to say there was a lot of Nutella involved and a lot of me walking down the street sadly licking a piece of cardboard when it was all gone.

Well that was basically my week in a very large nutshell. I love you all lots and hope that you dom't let the figurative Voldemort grannies get you down!!!

Sister Curtis


  1. For FHE tonight, I read several of your blog posts out loud for our activity. You're such a great writer and we laughed a lot. We also enjoyed the spiritual accounts and your testimony. Just wanted to let you know. (Also, I'm going to need to know: what are "Voldemort grannies"? Love, Susan Slauson

  2. Okay, I realize now that I started reading in the middle and tha t was a bad plan. Now I know what a Voldemort Granny is. I'll be on the look out!