Monday, August 29, 2016

Kenzie Curtis: Sister, Surgeon, Street Fighter

Kenzie Curtis: Sister, Surgeon, Street Fighter

Okay so I almost titled this email "BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE", but I thought that might be a little presumptuous (even though it's pretty close to being the truth). But seriously, I don't have the means to convey everything that happened, or all of the emotions and excitement that was felt this week. We saw a lot of miracles, a lot of weird stuff in the street, and a lot of weird stuff in Sister Newell´s ear! But let's cut to the highlights:

- Apparently after turning 20 my body realized that I'm OLD, and I found A WHITE HAIR ON MY HEAD.
- Because I'm old and white-headed now, a man in the street asked me if I was Sister Newell's MOM. (Here are some other things people thought that I was this week: A clothing collector, Sister Newell's twin sister, a Russian, a veterinarian, a nun :-) )
- Sister Newell also had had an earache for like a week and it was killing her, so I took a peek in there and there was like a giant boil inside! So we sterilized a needle and I operated, and wow! It was super gross! But after some tears, blood, and other unidentifiable bodily fluids, everything worked out and Sister Newell was good as new! I knew all those years of Discovery Channel/TLC health programs would pay off someday!!
- We had divisão with the Sisters we take care of and I went to a nearby city with Sister N. Silva, and everything was going along swimmingly until we tried to visit one woman who lives with her son and his girlfriend. Just as we were leaving because no one was answering the door, the crazy girlfriend flew out of the door and grabbed a handful of the Sister´s hair and told us to never come back, and I had to grab onto her wrist so she didn't pull any hair out, and then we ran away and it was the first time I almost got in a street fight! Woo hoo! (don't worry mom, not a scratch)
-  We worked super super hard this week and not only reached but beat our goals and found so many incredible people, and we ended the days absolutely wrecked, and there's no better feeling in existence than knowing you gave it your all and that you're understanding and doing exactly what the Lord wants you to do!

I love you all so much and hope that you all know that real, true, lasting, happiness is found through giving yourself up to the will of the Lord. He wants you and me and all of us to be happy, and He knows exactly how to achieve it; we just have to give ourselves over to Him and let Him take the lead. He knows exactly where He's going and which path to take because He IS the path, and He loves us enough to lead us right along.


Sister Curtis

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