Monday, October 10, 2016

Howdy Folks!!!

Howdy Folks!!!

Well I think that the week has finally come where I have a chance to catch up on some of the weird/hilarious stuff that's happened recently because if there's one thing there's no shortage of on the mission, it's strange experiences!

- Fun fact: there's a lady breast feeding at the computer next to me in this LAN house as she writes emails.

- Sister Newell fell on top of my foot a few weeks ago (I tried to give her a boost up to see if she could get something we couldn't reach. It was before 7 am, nothing before 7 am is a good idea) and my foot turned kinda black, but it didn't really hurt but then it stayed weird colors for a few weeks. Looking back, I think I probs broke something small and insignificant, but it's already almost back to normal now so tudo bem!

- We had a divisão this week and so many crazy things happened, it was great! First the Sister that I was with had it in her mind to eat all of the random fruits and berries that we encountered in the street, and she was so dedicated to this task that she literally climbed on top of a car to pick some!!! WoW!!! Also she kept asking people on the street what the fruit was as she was eating it. Incredible!!!

- On this same divisão Sister Newell saw a guy get shot by the police in the favela!! WOw!!!! (I got a little jealous that I wasn't there for that one).

-Sister Newell's foot swelled up from her shoe that's almost worn out and she was like, "My foot's really swollen, it's like the size of... a bigger foot!!" And I thought that was pretty funny.

- We had a Family Home Evening with a recent convert and her family and her husband totally made me eat NINE pasteis (you can google what a pastel is), but honestly he didn't even have to try that hard because they were delicious.

Okay that's all the stuff that I'm currently remembering even though I'm sure there was more hahah. Love you all lots and hope y'all have a crazy good week!

- Sister Curtis

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