Monday, January 9, 2017

"Que [Semana} Maravilhosa"

"Que [Semana] Maravilhosa"

What a nice week! This week we got to go to the temple!!! Every time we go to the temple it's like we recharge our spiritual batteries to the max and then a little, haha.

Also our wonderful pesquisadora Cristiane came back from the beach and we had another super powerful lesson with her and it was amazing. We asked if she had prayed about the church and about baptism, and she told us that she knows the church is true but didn't know if she is ready for baptism, and I testified to her that I know she is and that this is the path that God wants her to follow and she started crying and told us, "There's something in my heart almost yelling at me 'baptize, baptize, baptize!', but I'm afraid of what my family will think and do. But I think everything that I've passed through in my life has been to lead me to this church."

And I felt the confirmation of the spirit of that so strongly that I promised her fervently that all her life she was being prepared to find The Church of Jesus Christ and that her family will see her example and the light she will have, and they will see that it is a great change for good, something of God and not of men, and that as she keeps the commandments and covenants she will make, her husband will also feel the difference that the gospel makes in their lives and it will open up. And we all cried together and she agreed and it was wonderful! We're trying very hard to help her get baptized this week because I think I'm going to be transferred next week. We're going to work and pray a lot this week !!

Although I will miss the people and experiences that I had here in Jardim da Saúde, I am very very grateful for all of them. Something I learned a lot here was about how much we really don´t know the impact of our work. I've had a lot of sneak peaks in people's lives in areas where I've already left and have had many people I've taught who were baptized after I left the area, or people like Fanny who are teaching everything she learns to her friends and family, and now her mom will be baptized on Saturday. What a miracle!!!! Indeed, we see little of the effect that we have on people's eternal life and so it is even more important that we are a force of good and that we do EVERYTHING to help our brothers and sisters return to the presence of God.

I love this work and I am very excited to have this opportunity to work for the Lord with and for the people I love!

Love y'all lots and have a great week!!

-Sister Curtis

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