Monday, January 16, 2017

"The Final Chapters: Parque Bristol"

Welp, another transfer came and went and now I'm going to have one more adventure: I'm going to Parque Bristol! I am very grateful for the time I had here in Jardim da Saúde and for all the difficult and wonderful experiences, I know that I grew a lot here and made some friendships that will last forever.

This week I had one not so fun experience but 2 incredible miracles. The sad part is that our golden investigator disappeared from the face of the earth until 9:05 on Friday night when we finally found her, and she told us that she had gone to help her friend move and she was going to travel the next morning too. While I'm a lil sad that I will not be here to baptize her, I know that Sister Rasera will continue to help her on the path to happiness.
The first miracle was that Fanny's mother was baptized this weekend!!! I'm so happy for her and for Fanny and Natasha because now their family has 3 generations baptized in less than a year! Her father passed away in December and now by the end of the year she will be able to baptize him and afterwards be sealed to her parents. How incredible!

The third miracle was that there is a little boy Nicolas from the ward, and his mom is a member but his dad is not and was not letting him be baptized for anything. I've been going there since Sister Newell was here but we started to focus a lot on the father when Sister Rasera arrived, and he ran away from family home evenings but always treated us well and with time went to some meetings and activities and always helped the ward, but it never seemed that he was going to let the baptism happen. Yesterday, Fabi called us over to talk and said her husband said that Nicolas can get baptized and will be baptized this Sunday!!!! I cried when she told us, first of joy and gratitude and then because I won't be able to be there haha (had to be in the week of the transfer). But I'm super super happy for Fabi and Nicolas and their family and know that they are one giant step closer to having an eternal family.

Love y'all lots and hope ya have a great week!!

- Sister Curtis

pics-  a bit of light rain, our neighbors secret pet pig, I'm not trunky but this sign sure is "Soon: Tennessee", teeny tiny bananas

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