Monday, March 6, 2017

Ain't Life Grand

Well after 6 weeks just breezin on by, this week was a good ole fashioned kick in the teeth! Haha, opposition in all things was our lesson, but I was able to have some important insights through the tough days.

All of our youth came back from camp this week and were talking about how amazing it was. I was thinking about all our young investigators and recent converts and how amazing they are. One is 10 years old and almost lives alone because her mother works in the street to support her addictions but she goes to church by herself (and takes her sister and some neighbors too) every week and fulfills all her commitments and helped her mother to stop drinking. Another young girl who is going to be baptized prays for her father to stop drinking and wants to be baptized to be a light in his life. One young woman's mother left her for drugs and her father isn't much better, but she also goes to church alone and takes care of all her cousins. One young lady's mother is deceased and the father drinks too much but she is finally happy because of the gospel, when we found her, she had a dark cloud above her but now she shines. Another friend has physical disabilities but is finding self-confidence through the gospel.

We had stake conference yesterday and President Mendes said something that really struck a chord. He told the parents to look at their children and think about how these children are STRONG, they are not weak, they lived with heavenly father for millions of years before they lived here and they are better able to endure challenges than we can imagine. It was incredible and I know it is true for both youth and children.

This week was the hardest week I've had in a long time, almost everything went wrong but we kept on truckin. We went out with our friend Vitoria and took her to have an ice cream with us and see what she really thought about baptism and the church and everything because she does not open easily and just let the grandmother send her. We talked to her and she told us that she really wants to be baptized but her grandmother does not like the church and even living with her mother, grandma is a legal guardian and does not want to let her. But we´re gonna do our best to help her see the blessings that come from the gospel.

As Sister Wright and I sat listening to conference a little sad on Sunday, a little girl ran up to us and gave us a big kiss and a smile and ran away, I looked at Sister Wright and smiled and said "That was a kiss from God, He Is still happy with us." It was a very sweet moment, and I could feel the Savior's love for me, for us, and for his children. He is helping us and will continue to do so forever.

Love y'all lots and hope ya have a great week!!!
-Sister Curtis

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