Monday, March 13, 2017

T - Minus One Day

T - Minus One Month

Well fam, the inevitable countdown has officially begun now that we've arrived at the one month remaining mark (No I don't know how many days or hours there are left nor do I want to).

This week was another toughy but a goody since we gave it our all and learned a lot through the ups and downs. After conversing with the grandma of one of our investigators for almost 2 hours, we finalllyyyy got her to give permission for her granddaughter to get baptized and we were so excited but then our investigator decided that she didn't really wanna be baptized yet and wow talk about a bummer.

Sometimes even when we do our very best and work our hardest things don't work out exactly how we want them too. It´s difficult sometimes to accept the fact that we can´t control everything, especially things that involve the agency of other people. But our agency is a precious gift granted to each of us and wow, how Im grateful for it. God does't force anyone to Heaven; He lovingly-if sometimes firmly-invites us to follow His example of our own free will.

Although this is a great comfort and important truth, it´s still hard to accept sometimes and Sister Wright and I were a little down and out about not being able to meet all of our goals this week. But then Sunday came and wow, what a day of spiritual enlightenment. After 2 wonderful classes at church, we went to our fast and testimony meeting and who got up to share their testimonies but Ingrid and Carol, two of our recent converts. Ingrid told of how grateful she was for her baptism and how much she has been learning in Young Women's and how she feels like she changes for the better a little more every day because of that. Afterwards, we ended by singing "Come Come Ye Saints" and I felt the spirit whispering in my heart that All Is Well, and that Heavenly Father accepts my best efforts even when I don't always meet all of my own goals and that He really does have a perfect plan for each of us.

I know that these things are true and I´m grateful to have the right to choose my own path, to be able to choose the path that the Savior laid out for me to follow. We´re not perfect but we can choose to be better every day, to accept the sacrifice that the Lord has made for us and to become perfected in Him.

Love y'all oodles and oodles,

Sister Curtis

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