Monday, March 20, 2017



Well this week was an interesting one. Even here on the tail-end there are still lots of first experiences to be had! For example I got a bad cold and went to the doctor for the first time in Brasil and wow! So many sights and sounds and needles being wiggled around in my arm and waiting for 3 hours to receive a prescription for... TYLENOL AND COUGH SYRUP. Incredible. (I'm fine now, it really was just a cold). Also we made the Brazilian equivalent of a GIGANTIC key lime pie, and while it wasn't very visually appealing, it turned out delicious (#JáPodeCasar hahaha).

But back to the good stuff:
So the first 2 weeks of this transfer were pretty tough, with people pretending not to be home, not doing commitments, parents who didn't wanna let their kids be baptized, etc, etc ...  nothing new for missionary life, but I was feeling the pressure from myself to meet all of the goals I had created and was a little disappointed to not be able to meet all of them.

BUUUTTTT, after much prayer and some very great Sunday school classes, I was feeling better this week and on Thursday we had interviews with President which helped me so much. Despite not talking much about how I had been feeling, he already knew and told me that he knew that I love the Lord and that I wanted to show my love for Him by working hard, and that both he and Heavenly Father know that I am doing my best even when I don't achieve everything I want to and that they accept and are happy about with what I have to offer. Wow, talk about pep-talk of the year! I left so light and happy and energized!!

We also taught one of our golden investigators and we thought she was going to have to get married. but she told us that she and her boyfriend believe and keep the law of chastity and she is already quitting coffee and will be baptized in two weeks !!! And our convert Rosângela took her sister to church and she is loving it and is gonna be baptized too!! AND we marked the date of the wedding of an eternal investigator and she will finally be baptized (the week after I come back of course haha) !!! What miracles !!!

I know that like President said, no one is perfect and no one is going to achieve 100% of everything that they want too, but that's not what the Lord asks of us. He asks us to give Him our everything, to do our very absolute best and then He promises to take care of the rest. If there´s one thing I've learned over the past 18 months, it's just that. God is a loving Father who delights with us in our progress and picks us back up when we fall down so that we can try again and again until we get it right. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us, and that because of He who was perfect, we don´t have to be yet, but that by Him and through Him we one day can be.

Love y'all lots and hope ya have a great week!!!

-Sister Curtis

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