Wednesday, March 1, 2017

THE BEGINNING OF THE END (but forreals this time)

THE BEGINNING OF THE END (but forreals this time)

This week was INCREDIBLE, and sadly I Don´t have time or capacity to share everything that happened sufficiently. I've never had so many moments where I thought "well I think our luck has run out, we've used up all our miracles" and then BAM, MIRACLE!!!!!! I think that happened about a million and one times. Example one: a member passed a referral for us the other week and we visited her last Sunday and taught her real quick and when we came back a couple days later and asked her if she had prayed and what she liked about what we had talked about and she said "Yeah, I loved when we were talking, especially about baptism, I love to learn about baptism!!" and I smiled really big at her and said "Hey, we do too!!!", and we invited her to be baptized and she accepted very happily! (along with 3 more amazing people that the Lord literally put right in our path.)

We also had the baptism of Carol this week and it was wonderful. She and her family were so happy for her to enter onto the path to the eternities! And she's already started her member missionary work by bringing her sister and neighbor to church (that are also going to be baptized! Woohoo!!!)

This week was such a testament to how much the Lord works with us. We were just trucking along trying to find new people to teach and serve, not really knowing where to find them, and it was amazing to see how as we were working the Lord just put the people we needed to find literally right in our path. I'm so grateful to be a servant of God, and to do not my will but His, because I know that's how miracles take place. Love y'all lots and hope ya have a great week!!

- Sister Curtis

pics- baptismo, RAINBOW AFTER THE BAPTISM, weird fruit that I love (pinha do norte)

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