Monday, March 27, 2017


Bom dia fam!!!

The time is passing so fast, everything is like a blur and I honestly can´t even remember everything that happened this week haha. I don't have much time this week to talk but something that I did remember was thinking about when I was praying in the temple some three months ago asking the Lord to help me do my utmost in my last months and to know and feel that I was really helping people and doing his work. I have felt that be confirmed to me so strongly here in Bristol Park, Not only with investigators but with members and my companion as well.

This week I spoke with a recent convert and she shared with me some amazing experiences that she had recently, and that her mother is taking a preparation classes to go through the temple soon, and how she´s gonna get her young women´s medallion. I can not even explain how happy I am for her. The mission is so incredible, I get more grateful every day to be able to be here in Brazil helping all these incredible people!.

Love y'all lots and don't worry, my next email's gonna make up for this one haha.

Sister Curtis

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